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Interface VRTeleportationOptions

Options to modify the vr teleportation behavior.


  • VRTeleportationOptions



Optional easingFunctionSearch playground for easingFunction

easingFunction: EasingFunction

The easing function used in the animation or null for Linear. (default CircleEase)

Optional floorMeshNameSearch playground for floorMeshName

floorMeshName: string

The name of the mesh which should be used as the teleportation floor. (default: null)

Optional floorMeshesSearch playground for floorMeshes

floorMeshes: Mesh[]

A list of meshes to be used as the teleportation floor. (default: empty)

Optional teleportationModeSearch playground for teleportationMode

teleportationMode: number

The teleportation mode. (default: TELEPORTATIONMODE_CONSTANTTIME)

Optional teleportationSpeedSearch playground for teleportationSpeed

teleportationSpeed: number

The speed of the animation in distance/sec, apply when animationMode is TELEPORTATIONMODE_CONSTANTSPEED. (default 20 units / sec)

Optional teleportationTimeSearch playground for teleportationTime

teleportationTime: number

The duration of the animation in ms, apply when animationMode is TELEPORTATIONMODE_CONSTANTTIME. (default 122ms)


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