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Interface VirtualJoystickCustomizations

Represents the different customization options available for VirtualJoystick


  • VirtualJoystickCustomizations



alwaysVisibleSearch playground for alwaysVisible

alwaysVisible: boolean

Defines whether or not the joystick container is always visible

colorSearch playground for color

color: string

Color of the joystick && puck

Optional containerImageSearch playground for containerImage

containerImage: string

Image URL for the joystick's container

containerSizeSearch playground for containerSize

containerSize: number

Size of the joystick's container

limitToContainerSearch playground for limitToContainer

limitToContainer: boolean

Defines whether or not to limit the movement of the puck to the joystick's container

Optional positionSearch playground for position

position: { x: number; y: number }

Defines the unmoving position of the joystick container

Type declaration

  • x: number
  • y: number

Optional puckImageSearch playground for puckImage

puckImage: string

Image URL for the joystick's puck

puckSizeSearch playground for puckSize

puckSize: number

Size of the joystick's puck


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