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Interface SpringJointData




Optional collisionSearch playground for collision

collision: boolean

The collision of the joint

Optional connectedAxisSearch playground for connectedAxis

connectedAxis: Vector3

The connected axis of the joint

Optional connectedPivotSearch playground for connectedPivot

connectedPivot: Vector3

The connected pivot of the joint

dampingSearch playground for damping

damping: number

Damping of the spring

forceApplicationCallbackSearch playground for forceApplicationCallback

forceApplicationCallback: () => void

this callback will be called when applying the force to the impostors.

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • Returns void

lengthSearch playground for length

length: number

Length of the spring

Optional mainAxisSearch playground for mainAxis

mainAxis: Vector3

The main axis of the joint

Optional mainPivotSearch playground for mainPivot

mainPivot: Vector3

The main pivot of the joint

Optional nativeParamsSearch playground for nativeParams

nativeParams: any

Native Oimo/Cannon/Energy data

stiffnessSearch playground for stiffness

stiffness: number

Stiffness of the spring


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