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Interface RenderTargetCreationOptions

Define options used to create a render target texture




Optional createMipMapsSearch playground for createMipMaps

createMipMaps: boolean

Specifies if mipmaps must be created. If undefined, the value from generateMipMaps is taken instead

Optional creationFlagsSearch playground for creationFlags

creationFlags: number

Texture creation flags

Optional formatSearch playground for format

format: number

Defines format (RGBA by default)

Optional generateDepthBufferSearch playground for generateDepthBuffer

generateDepthBuffer: boolean

Specifies whether or not a depth should be allocated in the texture (true by default)

Optional generateMipMapsSearch playground for generateMipMaps

generateMipMaps: boolean

Specifies if mipmaps must be generated

Optional generateStencilBufferSearch playground for generateStencilBuffer

generateStencilBuffer: boolean

Specifies whether or not a stencil should be allocated in the texture (false by default)

Optional noColorTargetSearch playground for noColorTarget

noColorTarget: boolean

Specifies that no color target should be bound to the render target (useful if you only want to write to the depth buffer, for eg)

Optional samplesSearch playground for samples

samples: number

Defines sample count (1 by default)

Optional samplingModeSearch playground for samplingMode

samplingMode: number

Defines sampling mode (trilinear by default)

Optional typeSearch playground for type

type: number

Defines texture type (int by default)

Optional useSRGBBufferSearch playground for useSRGBBuffer

useSRGBBuffer: boolean

Creates the RTT in sRGB space


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