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Interface IWebXRTrackedImage

An object representing an image tracked by the system


  • IWebXRTrackedImage



Optional emulatedSearch playground for emulated

emulated: boolean

Is the transformation provided emulated. If it is, the system "guesses" its real position. Otherwise it can be considered as exact position.

idSearch playground for id

id: number

The ID of this image (which is the same as the position in the array that was used to initialize the feature)

originalBitmapSearch playground for originalBitmap

originalBitmap: ImageBitmap

Just in case it is needed - the image bitmap that is being tracked

Optional ratioSearch playground for ratio

ratio: number

The width/height ratio of this image. can be used to calculate the size of the detected object/image

Optional realWorldWidthSearch playground for realWorldWidth

realWorldWidth: number

Width in real world (meters)

transformationMatrixSearch playground for transformationMatrix

transformationMatrix: Matrix

A transformation matrix of this current image in the current reference space.

Optional xrTrackingResultSearch playground for xrTrackingResult

xrTrackingResult: XRImageTrackingResult

The native XR result image tracking result, untouched


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