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Interface IWebXRMeshDetectorOptions

Options used in the mesh detector module


  • IWebXRMeshDetectorOptions



Optional convertCoordinateSystemsSearch playground for convertCoordinateSystems

convertCoordinateSystems: boolean

If set to true, WebXRMeshDetector will convert coordinate systems for meshes. If not defined, mesh conversions from right handed to left handed coordinate systems won't be conducted. Right handed mesh data will be available through IWebXRVertexData.xrMesh.

Optional doNotRemoveMeshesOnSessionEndedSearch playground for doNotRemoveMeshesOnSessionEnded

doNotRemoveMeshesOnSessionEnded: boolean

If set to true a reference of the created meshes will be kept until the next session starts If not defined, meshes will be removed from the array when the feature is detached or the session ended.

Optional preferredDetectorOptionsSearch playground for preferredDetectorOptions

preferredDetectorOptions: XRGeometryDetectorOptions

Preferred detector configuration, not all preferred options will be supported by all platforms.

Optional worldParentNodeSearch playground for worldParentNode

worldParentNode: TransformNode

The node to use to transform the local results to world coordinates


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