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Interface IWebXRHitTestOptions

Options used for hit testing (version 2)




Optional disablePermanentHitTestSearch playground for disablePermanentHitTest

disablePermanentHitTest: boolean

Do not create a permanent hit test. Will usually be used when only transient inputs are needed.

Optional enableTransientHitTestSearch playground for enableTransientHitTest

enableTransientHitTest: boolean

Enable transient (for example touch-based) hit test inspections

Optional entityTypesSearch playground for entityTypes

entityTypes: XRHitTestTrackableType[]

Override the default entity type(s) of the hit-test result

Optional offsetRaySearch playground for offsetRay

offsetRay: Vector3

Offset ray for the permanent hit test

Optional testOnPointerDownOnlySearch playground for testOnPointerDownOnly

testOnPointerDownOnly: boolean

Only test when user interacted with the scene. Default - hit test every frame

Optional transientHitTestProfileSearch playground for transientHitTestProfile

transientHitTestProfile: string

Override the default transient hit test profile (generic-touchscreen).

Optional transientOffsetRaySearch playground for transientOffsetRay

transientOffsetRay: Vector3

Offset ray for the transient hit test

Optional useReferenceSpaceSearch playground for useReferenceSpace

useReferenceSpace: boolean

Instead of using viewer space for hit tests, use the reference space defined in the session manager

Optional worldParentNodeSearch playground for worldParentNode

worldParentNode: TransformNode

The node to use to transform the local results to world coordinates


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