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Interface IWebXRControllerMovementOptions

The options container for the controller movement module


  • IWebXRControllerMovementOptions



Optional customRegistrationConfigurationsSearch playground for customRegistrationConfigurations

customRegistrationConfigurations: WebXRControllerMovementRegistrationConfiguration[]

Override default behaviour and provide your own movement controls

Optional movementEnabledSearch playground for movementEnabled

movementEnabled: boolean

Is movement enabled

movementOrientationFollowsViewerPoseSearch playground for movementOrientationFollowsViewerPose

movementOrientationFollowsViewerPose: boolean

Camera direction follows view pose and movement by default will move independently of the viewer's pose.

Optional movementSpeedSearch playground for movementSpeed

movementSpeed: number

Movement speed factor (default is 1.0)

Optional movementThresholdSearch playground for movementThreshold

movementThreshold: number

Minimum threshold the controller's thumbstick/touchpad must pass before being recognized for movement (avoids jitter/unintentional movement)

Optional rotationEnabledSearch playground for rotationEnabled

rotationEnabled: boolean

Is rotation enabled

Optional rotationSpeedSearch playground for rotationSpeed

rotationSpeed: number

Movement speed factor (default is 1.0)

Optional rotationThresholdSearch playground for rotationThreshold

rotationThreshold: number

Minimum threshold the controller's thumstick/touchpad must pass before being recognized for rotation (avoids jitter/unintentional rotation)

xrInputSearch playground for xrInput

xrInput: WebXRInput

Babylon XR Input class for controller


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