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Interface ISpriteMapOptions

Defines the basic options interface of a SpriteMap


  • ISpriteMapOptions



Optional baseTileSearch playground for baseTile

baseTile: number

number cell index of the base tile when the system compiles.

Optional colorMultiplySearch playground for colorMultiply

colorMultiply: Vector3

Vector3 scalar of the global RGB values of the SpriteMap.

Optional flipUSearch playground for flipU

flipU: boolean

boolean flip the sprite after its been repositioned by the framing data.

Optional layerCountSearch playground for layerCount

layerCount: number

number of layers that the system will reserve in resources.

Optional maxAnimationFramesSearch playground for maxAnimationFrames

maxAnimationFrames: number

number of max animation frames a single cell will reserve in resources.

Optional outputPositionSearch playground for outputPosition

outputPosition: Vector3

Vector3 of the position of the output plane in World Units.

Optional outputRotationSearch playground for outputRotation

outputRotation: Vector3

Vector3 of the rotation of the output plane.

Optional outputSizeSearch playground for outputSize

outputSize: Vector2

Vector2 of the size of the output plane in World Units.

Optional stageSizeSearch playground for stageSize

stageSize: Vector2

Vector2 of the number of cells in the grid.


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