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Interface ISoundOptions

Interface used to define options for Sound class


  • ISoundOptions



Optional autoplaySearch playground for autoplay

autoplay: boolean

Does the sound autoplay once loaded.

Optional distanceModelSearch playground for distanceModel

distanceModel: string

Define the distance attenuation model the sound will follow.



Optional lengthSearch playground for length

length: number

Defines an optional length (in seconds) inside the sound file

Optional loopSearch playground for loop

loop: boolean

Does the sound loop after it finishes playing once.

Optional maxDistanceSearch playground for maxDistance

maxDistance: number

Maximum distance to hear that sound

Optional offsetSearch playground for offset

offset: number

Defines an optional offset (in seconds) inside the sound file

Optional playbackRateSearch playground for playbackRate

playbackRate: number

Defines the playback speed (1 by default)

Optional refDistanceSearch playground for refDistance

refDistance: number

Define the reference distance the sound should be heard perfectly.



Optional rolloffFactorSearch playground for rolloffFactor

rolloffFactor: number

Optional skipCodecCheckSearch playground for skipCodecCheck

skipCodecCheck: boolean

If true, URLs will not be required to state the audio file codec to use.

Optional spatialSoundSearch playground for spatialSound

spatialSound: boolean

Is it a spatial sound?

Optional streamingSearch playground for streaming

streaming: boolean

Defines if the sound is from a streaming source

Optional useCustomAttenuationSearch playground for useCustomAttenuation

useCustomAttenuation: boolean

Uses user defined attenuation function

Optional volumeSearch playground for volume

volume: number

Sound's volume


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