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Interface ISkeletonViewerDisplayOptions

Defines how to display the various bone meshes for the viewer.


  • ISkeletonViewerDisplayOptions



Optional localAxesSizeSearch playground for localAxesSize

localAxesSize: number

Length of each local axis

Optional midStepSearch playground for midStep

midStep: number

How far down to start tapering the bone spurs

Optional midStepFactorSearch playground for midStepFactor

midStepFactor: number

How big is the midStep?

Optional showLocalAxesSearch playground for showLocalAxes

showLocalAxes: boolean

Whether to show local axes or not

Optional sphereBaseSizeSearch playground for sphereBaseSize

sphereBaseSize: number

Base for the Sphere Size

Optional sphereFactorSearch playground for sphereFactor

sphereFactor: number

Ratio for the Sphere Size

Optional sphereScaleUnitSearch playground for sphereScaleUnit

sphereScaleUnit: number

The ratio of the sphere to the longest bone in units

Optional spurFollowsChildSearch playground for spurFollowsChild

spurFollowsChild: boolean

Whether a spur should attach its far end to the child bone position


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