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Interface IShaderMaterialOptions

Defines the options associated with the creation of a shader material.


  • IShaderMaterialOptions



attributesSearch playground for attributes

attributes: string[]

The list of attribute names used in the shader

definesSearch playground for defines

defines: string[]

The list of defines used in the shader

needAlphaBlendingSearch playground for needAlphaBlending

needAlphaBlending: boolean

Does the material work in alpha blend mode

needAlphaTestingSearch playground for needAlphaTesting

needAlphaTesting: boolean

Does the material work in alpha test mode

samplersSearch playground for samplers

samplers: string[]

The list of sampler names used in the shader

uniformBuffersSearch playground for uniformBuffers

uniformBuffers: string[]

The list of UBO names used in the shader

uniformsSearch playground for uniforms

uniforms: string[]

The list of uniform names used in the shader

useClipPlaneSearch playground for useClipPlane

useClipPlane: Nullable<boolean>

Defines if clip planes have to be turned on: true to turn them on, false to turn them off and null to turn them on/off depending on the scene configuration (scene.clipPlaneX)


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