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Interface IPointerEvent

Native friendly interface for PointerEvent Object




altKeySearch playground for altKey

altKey: boolean

Status of Alt key being pressed

buttonSearch playground for button

button: number

Value of single mouse button pressed

buttonsSearch playground for buttons

buttons: number

Value of all mouse buttons pressed

clientXSearch playground for clientX

clientX: number

Current X coordinate

clientYSearch playground for clientY

clientY: number

Current Y coordinate

ctrlKeySearch playground for ctrlKey

ctrlKey: boolean

Status of Ctrl key being pressed

Optional currentTargetSearch playground for currentTarget

currentTarget: any

Current target for an event

Optional detailSearch playground for detail

detail: number

Provides current click count

inputIndexSearch playground for inputIndex

Subset of possible PointerInput values for events, excluding ones that CANNOT be in events organically and mouse wheel values

metaKeySearch playground for metaKey

metaKey: boolean

Status of Meta key (eg. Windows key) being pressed

movementXSearch playground for movementX

movementX: number

Delta of movement on X axis

movementYSearch playground for movementY

movementY: number

Delta of movement on Y axis

Optional mozMovementXSearch playground for mozMovementX

mozMovementX: number

Delta of movement on X axis

Optional mozMovementYSearch playground for mozMovementY

mozMovementY: number

Delta of movement on Y axis

Optional msMovementXSearch playground for msMovementX

msMovementX: any

Delta of movement on X axis

Optional msMovementYSearch playground for msMovementY

msMovementY: any

Delta of movement on Y axis

offsetXSearch playground for offsetX

offsetX: number

Current coordinate of X within container

offsetYSearch playground for offsetY

offsetY: number

Current coordinate of Y within container

pageXSearch playground for pageX

pageX: number

Horizontal coordinate of event

pageYSearch playground for pageY

pageY: number

Vertical coordinate of event

pointerIdSearch playground for pointerId

pointerId: number

Pointer Event ID

pointerTypeSearch playground for pointerType

pointerType: string

Type of pointer

preventDefaultSearch playground for preventDefault

preventDefault: () => void

Tells user agent what to do when not explicitly handled

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • Returns void

shiftKeySearch playground for shiftKey

shiftKey: boolean

Status of Shift key being pressed

Optional srcElementSearch playground for srcElement

srcElement: any

Alias for target


Use target instead

targetSearch playground for target

target: any

Reference to object where object was dispatched

typeSearch playground for type

type: string

Type of event

Optional webkitMovementXSearch playground for webkitMovementX

webkitMovementX: any

Delta of movement on X axis

Optional webkitMovementYSearch playground for webkitMovementY

webkitMovementY: any

Delta of movement on Y axis

xSearch playground for x

x: number

Alias of clientX

ySearch playground for y

y: number

Alias of clientY


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