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Interface INavMeshParameters

Configures the navigation mesh creation


  • INavMeshParameters



chSearch playground for ch

ch: number

The y-axis cell size to use for fields. [Limit: > 0] [Units: wu]

csSearch playground for cs

cs: number

The xz-plane cell size to use for fields. [Limit: > 0] [Units: wu]

detailSampleDistSearch playground for detailSampleDist

detailSampleDist: number

Sets the sampling distance to use when generating the detail mesh. (For height detail only.) [Limits: 0 or >= 0.9] [Units: wu]

detailSampleMaxErrorSearch playground for detailSampleMaxError

detailSampleMaxError: number

The maximum distance the detail mesh surface should deviate from heightfield data. (For height detail only.) [Limit: >=0] [Units: wu]

maxEdgeLenSearch playground for maxEdgeLen

maxEdgeLen: number

The maximum allowed length for contour edges along the border of the mesh. [Limit: >=0] [Units: vx]

maxSimplificationErrorSearch playground for maxSimplificationError

maxSimplificationError: number

The maximum distance a simplfied contour's border edges should deviate the original raw contour. [Limit: >=0] [Units: vx]

maxVertsPerPolySearch playground for maxVertsPerPoly

maxVertsPerPoly: number

The maximum number of vertices allowed for polygons generated during the contour to polygon conversion process. [Limit: >= 3]

mergeRegionAreaSearch playground for mergeRegionArea

mergeRegionArea: number

Any regions with a span count smaller than this value will, if possible, be merged with larger regions. [Limit: >=0] [Units: vx]

minRegionAreaSearch playground for minRegionArea

minRegionArea: number

The minimum number of cells allowed to form isolated island areas. [Limit: >=0] [Units: vx]

walkableClimbSearch playground for walkableClimb

walkableClimb: number

Maximum ledge height that is considered to still be traversable. [Limit: >=0] [Units: vx]

walkableHeightSearch playground for walkableHeight

walkableHeight: number

Minimum floor to 'ceiling' height that will still allow the floor area to be considered walkable. [Limit: >= 3] [Units: vx]

walkableRadiusSearch playground for walkableRadius

walkableRadius: number

The distance to erode/shrink the walkable area of the heightfield away from obstructions. [Limit: >=0] [Units: vx]

walkableSlopeAngleSearch playground for walkableSlopeAngle

walkableSlopeAngle: number

The maximum slope that is considered walkable. [Limits: 0 <= value < 90] [Units: Degrees]


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