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Interface IMultiRenderTargetOptions

Creation options of the multi render target texture.


  • IMultiRenderTargetOptions



Optional defaultTypeSearch playground for defaultType

defaultType: number

Define the default type of the buffers we are creating

Optional depthTextureFormatSearch playground for depthTextureFormat

depthTextureFormat: number

Define depth texture format to use

Optional doNotChangeAspectRatioSearch playground for doNotChangeAspectRatio

doNotChangeAspectRatio: boolean

Define if aspect ratio should be adapted to the texture or stay the scene one

Optional drawOnlyOnFirstAttachmentByDefaultSearch playground for drawOnlyOnFirstAttachmentByDefault

drawOnlyOnFirstAttachmentByDefault: boolean

Define the default type of the buffers we are creating

Optional generateDepthBufferSearch playground for generateDepthBuffer

generateDepthBuffer: boolean

Define if a depth buffer is required

Optional generateDepthTextureSearch playground for generateDepthTexture

generateDepthTexture: boolean

Define if a depth texture is required instead of a depth buffer

Optional generateMipMapsSearch playground for generateMipMaps

generateMipMaps: boolean

Define if the texture needs to create mip maps after render.

Optional generateStencilBufferSearch playground for generateStencilBuffer

generateStencilBuffer: boolean

Define if a stencil buffer is required

Optional samplingModesSearch playground for samplingModes

samplingModes: number[]

Define the sampling modes of all the draw buffers we want to create

Optional textureCountSearch playground for textureCount

textureCount: number

Define the number of desired draw buffers

Optional typesSearch playground for types

types: number[]

Define the types of all the draw buffers we want to create


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