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Interface IKeyboardEvent

Native friendly interface for KeyboardEvent Object




altKeySearch playground for altKey

altKey: boolean

Status of Alt key being pressed

Optional charCodeSearch playground for charCode

charCode: number

Unicode value of character pressed


Required for event, use keyCode instead.

codeSearch playground for code

code: string

Code for key based on layout

ctrlKeySearch playground for ctrlKey

ctrlKey: boolean

Status of Ctrl key being pressed

Optional currentTargetSearch playground for currentTarget

currentTarget: any

Current target for an event

inputIndexSearch playground for inputIndex

inputIndex: number

Input array index

keySearch playground for key

key: string

String representation of key

keyCodeSearch playground for keyCode

keyCode: number

ASCII value of key


Used with DeviceSourceManager

metaKeySearch playground for metaKey

metaKey: boolean

Status of Meta key (eg. Windows key) being pressed

preventDefaultSearch playground for preventDefault

preventDefault: () => void

Tells user agent what to do when not explicitly handled

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • Returns void

shiftKeySearch playground for shiftKey

shiftKey: boolean

Status of Shift key being pressed

Optional srcElementSearch playground for srcElement

srcElement: any

Alias for target


Use target instead

targetSearch playground for target

target: any

Reference to object where object was dispatched

typeSearch playground for type

type: string

Type of event


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