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Interface IImage

Class used to abstract am image to use with the canvas and its context


  • IImage



crossOriginSearch playground for crossOrigin

crossOrigin: string | null

provides support for CORS, defining how the element handles crossorigin requests, thereby enabling the configuration of the CORS requests for the element's fetched data.

Readonly heightSearch playground for height

height: number

Image height.

Readonly naturalHeightSearch playground for naturalHeight

naturalHeight: number

The original height of the image resource before sizing.

Readonly naturalWidthSearch playground for naturalWidth

naturalWidth: number

The original width of the image resource before sizing.

onloadSearch playground for onload

onload: ((this: GlobalEventHandlers, ev: Event) => any) | null

onload callback.

srcSearch playground for src

src: string

Image source.

Readonly widthSearch playground for width

width: number

Image width.


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