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Interface IHighlightLayerOptions

Highlight layer options. This helps customizing the behaviour of the highlight layer.


  • IHighlightLayerOptions



alphaBlendingModeSearch playground for alphaBlendingMode

alphaBlendingMode: number

Alpha blending mode used to apply the blur. Default is combine.

blurHorizontalSizeSearch playground for blurHorizontalSize

blurHorizontalSize: number

How big in texel of the blur texture is the horizontal blur.

blurTextureSizeRatioSearch playground for blurTextureSizeRatio

blurTextureSizeRatio: number

Multiplication factor apply to the main texture size in the first step of the blur to reduce the size of the picture to blur (the smaller the faster).

blurVerticalSizeSearch playground for blurVerticalSize

blurVerticalSize: number

How big in texel of the blur texture is the vertical blur.

cameraSearch playground for camera

camera: Nullable<Camera>

The camera attached to the layer.

Optional isStrokeSearch playground for isStroke

isStroke: boolean

Should we display highlight as a solid stroke?

Optional mainTextureFixedSizeSearch playground for mainTextureFixedSize

mainTextureFixedSize: number

Enforces a fixed size texture to ensure resize independent blur.

mainTextureRatioSearch playground for mainTextureRatio

mainTextureRatio: number

Multiplication factor apply to the canvas size to compute the render target size used to generated the glowing objects (the smaller the faster).

renderingGroupIdSearch playground for renderingGroupId

renderingGroupId: number

The rendering group to draw the layer in.


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