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Interface IGlowLayerOptions

Glow layer options. This helps customizing the behaviour of the glow layer.


  • IGlowLayerOptions



Optional alphaBlendingModeSearch playground for alphaBlendingMode

alphaBlendingMode: number

Defines the blend mode used by the merge

blurKernelSizeSearch playground for blurKernelSize

blurKernelSize: number

How big is the kernel of the blur texture.

cameraSearch playground for camera

camera: Nullable<Camera>

The camera attached to the layer.

Optional ldrMergeSearch playground for ldrMerge

ldrMerge: boolean

Forces the merge step to be done in ldr (clamp values > 1)

Optional mainTextureFixedSizeSearch playground for mainTextureFixedSize

mainTextureFixedSize: number

Enforces a fixed size texture to ensure resize independent blur.

mainTextureRatioSearch playground for mainTextureRatio

mainTextureRatio: number

Multiplication factor apply to the canvas size to compute the render target size used to generated the glowing objects (the smaller the faster).

Optional mainTextureSamplesSearch playground for mainTextureSamples

mainTextureSamples: number

Enable MSAA by choosing the number of samples.

renderingGroupIdSearch playground for renderingGroupId

renderingGroupId: number

The rendering group to draw the layer in.


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