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Interface IComputeShaderOptions

Defines the options associated with the creation of a compute shader.


  • IComputeShaderOptions



bindingsMappingSearch playground for bindingsMapping

bindingsMapping: ComputeBindingMapping

list of bindings mapping (key is property name, value is binding location) Must be provided because browsers don't support reflection for wgsl shaders yet (so there's no way to query the binding/group from a variable name) TODO: remove this when browsers support reflection for wgsl shaders

Optional definesSearch playground for defines

defines: string[]

The list of defines used in the shader

Optional entryPointSearch playground for entryPoint

entryPoint: string

The name of the entry point in the shader source (defaut: "main")

Optional processFinalCodeSearch playground for processFinalCode

processFinalCode: Nullable<(code: string) => string>

If provided, will be called with the shader code so that this code can be updated before it is compiled by the GPU


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