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Interface ICameraInput<TCamera>

This is the contract to implement in order to create a new input class. Inputs are dealing with listening to user actions and moving the camera accordingly.

Type parameters


  • ICameraInput

Implemented by



cameraSearch playground for camera

camera: Nullable<TCamera>

Defines the camera the input is attached to.

Optional checkInputsSearch playground for checkInputs

checkInputs: () => void

Update the current camera state depending on the inputs that have been used this frame. This is a dynamically created lambda to avoid the performance penalty of looping for inputs in the render loop.

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • Returns void


attachControlSearch playground for attachControl

  • attachControl(noPreventDefault?: boolean): void

detachControlSearch playground for detachControl

  • detachControl(): void
  • Detach the current controls from the specified dom element.

    Returns void

getClassNameSearch playground for getClassName

  • getClassName(): string
  • Gets the class name of the current input.

    Returns string

    the class name

getSimpleNameSearch playground for getSimpleName

  • getSimpleName(): string
  • Get the friendly name associated with the input class.

    Returns string

    the input friendly name


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