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Interface IAgentParameters

Configures an agent


  • IAgentParameters



collisionQueryRangeSearch playground for collisionQueryRange

collisionQueryRange: number

Defines how close a collision element must be before it is considered for steering behaviors. [Limits: > 0]

heightSearch playground for height

height: number

Agent height. [Limit: > 0]

maxAccelerationSearch playground for maxAcceleration

maxAcceleration: number

Maximum allowed acceleration. [Limit: >= 0]

maxSpeedSearch playground for maxSpeed

maxSpeed: number

Maximum allowed speed. [Limit: >= 0]

pathOptimizationRangeSearch playground for pathOptimizationRange

pathOptimizationRange: number

The path visibility optimization range. [Limit: > 0]

radiusSearch playground for radius

radius: number

Agent radius. [Limit: >= 0]

Optional reachRadiusSearch playground for reachRadius

reachRadius: number

Observers will be notified when agent gets inside the virtual circle with this Radius around destination point. Default is agent radius

separationWeightSearch playground for separationWeight

separationWeight: number

How aggressive the agent manager should be at avoiding collisions with this agent. [Limit: >= 0]


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