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Interface ISkin

Joints and matrices defining a skin




Optional extensionsSearch playground for extensions

extensions: {}

Dictionary object with extension-specific objects

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: any

Optional extrasSearch playground for extras

extras: any

Application-Specific data

Optional inverseBindMatricesSearch playground for inverseBindMatrices

inverseBindMatrices: number

The index of the accessor containing the floating-point 4x4 inverse-bind matrices. The default is that each matrix is a 4x4 identity matrix, which implies that inverse-bind matrices were pre-applied

jointsSearch playground for joints

joints: number[]

Indices of skeleton nodes, used as joints in this skin. The array length must be the same as the count property of the inverseBindMatrices accessor (when defined)

Optional nameSearch playground for name

name: string

The user-defined name of this object

Optional skeletonSearch playground for skeleton

skeleton: number

The index of the node used as a skeleton root. When undefined, joints transforms resolve to scene root


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