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Interface IMeshPrimitive

Geometry to be rendered with the given material




attributesSearch playground for attributes

attributes: {}

A dictionary object, where each key corresponds to mesh attribute semantic and each value is the index of the accessor containing attribute's data

Type declaration

  • [name: string]: number

Optional extensionsSearch playground for extensions

extensions: {}

Dictionary object with extension-specific objects

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: any

Optional extrasSearch playground for extras

extras: any

Application-Specific data

Optional indicesSearch playground for indices

indices: number

The index of the accessor that contains the indices

Optional materialSearch playground for material

material: number

The index of the material to apply to this primitive when rendering

Optional modeSearch playground for mode

The type of primitives to render. All valid values correspond to WebGL enums

Optional targetsSearch playground for targets

targets: {}[]

An array of Morph Targets, each Morph Target is a dictionary mapping attributes (only POSITION, NORMAL, and TANGENT supported) to their deviations in the Morph Target


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