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Interface IMaterial

The material appearance of a primitive




Optional alphaCutoffSearch playground for alphaCutoff

alphaCutoff: number

The alpha cutoff value of the material

Optional alphaModeSearch playground for alphaMode

The alpha rendering mode of the material

Optional doubleSidedSearch playground for doubleSided

doubleSided: boolean

Specifies whether the material is double sided

Optional emissiveFactorSearch playground for emissiveFactor

emissiveFactor: number[]

The RGB components of the emissive color of the material. These values are linear. If an emissiveTexture is specified, this value is multiplied with the texel values

Optional emissiveTextureSearch playground for emissiveTexture

emissiveTexture: ITextureInfo

The emissive map texture

Optional extensionsSearch playground for extensions

extensions: {}

Dictionary object with extension-specific objects

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: any

Optional extrasSearch playground for extras

extras: any

Application-Specific data

Optional nameSearch playground for name

name: string

The user-defined name of this object

Optional normalTextureSearch playground for normalTexture

The normal map texture

Optional occlusionTextureSearch playground for occlusionTexture

The occlusion map texture

Optional pbrMetallicRoughnessSearch playground for pbrMetallicRoughness

pbrMetallicRoughness: IMaterialPbrMetallicRoughness

A set of parameter values that are used to define the metallic-roughness material model from Physically-Based Rendering (PBR) methodology. When not specified, all the default values of pbrMetallicRoughness apply


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