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Interface IImage

Image data used to create a texture. Image can be referenced by URI or bufferView index. mimeType is required in the latter case




Optional bufferViewSearch playground for bufferView

bufferView: number

The index of the bufferView that contains the image. Use this instead of the image's uri property

Optional extensionsSearch playground for extensions

extensions: {}

Dictionary object with extension-specific objects

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: any

Optional extrasSearch playground for extras

extras: any

Application-Specific data

Optional mimeTypeSearch playground for mimeType

mimeType: ImageMimeType

The image's MIME type

Optional nameSearch playground for name

name: string

The user-defined name of this object

Optional uriSearch playground for uri

uri: string

The uri of the image. Relative paths are relative to the .gltf file. Instead of referencing an external file, the uri can also be a data-uri. The image format must be jpg or png


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