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Interface EngineCapabilities

Interface used to describe the capabilities of the engine relatively to the current browser


  • EngineCapabilities



astcSearch playground for astc

astc: any

Defines if astc texture compression is supported

blendMinMaxSearch playground for blendMinMax

blendMinMax: boolean

Defines if the blend min max extension is supported

bptcSearch playground for bptc

bptc: any

Defines if bptc texture compression is supported

canUseGLInstanceIDSearch playground for canUseGLInstanceID

canUseGLInstanceID: boolean

In some iOS + WebGL1, gl_InstanceID (and gl_InstanceIDEXT) is undefined even if instancedArrays is true. So don't use gl_InstanceID in those cases

canUseGLVertexIDSearch playground for canUseGLVertexID

canUseGLVertexID: boolean

Defines if gl_vertexID is available

canUseTimestampForTimerQuerySearch playground for canUseTimestampForTimerQuery

canUseTimestampForTimerQuery: boolean

Defines if timestamp can be used with timer query

colorBufferFloatSearch playground for colorBufferFloat

colorBufferFloat: boolean

Defines if float color buffer are supported

depthTextureExtensionSearch playground for depthTextureExtension

depthTextureExtension: boolean

Defines if depth textures are supported

drawBuffersExtensionSearch playground for drawBuffersExtension

drawBuffersExtension: boolean

Defines if draw buffers extension is supported

etc1Search playground for etc1

etc1: any

Defines if etc1 texture compression is supported

etc2Search playground for etc2

etc2: any

Defines if etc2 texture compression is supported

fragmentDepthSupportedSearch playground for fragmentDepthSupported

fragmentDepthSupported: boolean

Defines if depth reading in the fragment shader is supported

highPrecisionShaderSupportedSearch playground for highPrecisionShaderSupported

highPrecisionShaderSupported: boolean

Defines if high precision shaders are supported

instancedArraysSearch playground for instancedArrays

instancedArrays: boolean

Defines if instancing is supported

maxAnisotropySearch playground for maxAnisotropy

maxAnisotropy: number

Gets the maximum level of anisotropy supported

maxCombinedTexturesImageUnitsSearch playground for maxCombinedTexturesImageUnits

maxCombinedTexturesImageUnits: number

Maximum textures units in the entire pipeline

maxCubemapTextureSizeSearch playground for maxCubemapTextureSize

maxCubemapTextureSize: number

Maximum cube texture size

maxFragmentUniformVectorsSearch playground for maxFragmentUniformVectors

maxFragmentUniformVectors: number

Maximum number of uniforms per fragment shader

maxMSAASamplesSearch playground for maxMSAASamples

maxMSAASamples: number

Max number of texture samples for MSAA

maxRenderTextureSizeSearch playground for maxRenderTextureSize

maxRenderTextureSize: number

Maximum render texture size

Optional maxSamplesSearch playground for maxSamples

maxSamples: number

Maximum texture samples

maxTextureSizeSearch playground for maxTextureSize

maxTextureSize: number

Maximum texture size

maxTexturesImageUnitsSearch playground for maxTexturesImageUnits

maxTexturesImageUnits: number

Maximum textures units per fragment shader

maxVaryingVectorsSearch playground for maxVaryingVectors

maxVaryingVectors: number

Maximum number of varyings

maxVertexAttribsSearch playground for maxVertexAttribs

maxVertexAttribs: number

Maximum number of vertex attributes

maxVertexTextureImageUnitsSearch playground for maxVertexTextureImageUnits

maxVertexTextureImageUnits: number

Maximum texture units per vertex shader

maxVertexUniformVectorsSearch playground for maxVertexUniformVectors

maxVertexUniformVectors: number

Maximum number of uniforms per vertex shader

Optional multiviewSearch playground for multiview

multiview: any

Optional oculusMultiviewSearch playground for oculusMultiview

oculusMultiview: any

Optional parallelShaderCompileSearch playground for parallelShaderCompile

parallelShaderCompile: { COMPLETION_STATUS_KHR: number }

Function used to let the system compiles shaders in background

Type declaration


pvrtcSearch playground for pvrtc

pvrtc: any

Defines if pvrtc texture compression is supported

Optional s3tcSearch playground for s3tc

s3tc: WEBGL_compressed_texture_s3tc

Defines if s3tc texture compression is supported

Optional s3tc_srgbSearch playground for s3tc_srgb

s3tc_srgb: WEBGL_compressed_texture_s3tc_srgb

Defines if s3tc sRGB texture compression is supported

standardDerivativesSearch playground for standardDerivatives

standardDerivatives: boolean

Defines if standard derivatives (dx/dy) are supported

supportComputeShadersSearch playground for supportComputeShaders

supportComputeShaders: boolean

Defines if compute shaders are supported by the engine

supportOcclusionQuerySearch playground for supportOcclusionQuery

supportOcclusionQuery: boolean

Defines if occlusion queries are supported by the engine

supportSRGBBuffersSearch playground for supportSRGBBuffers

supportSRGBBuffers: boolean

Defines if sRGB texture formats are supported

supportTransformFeedbacksSearch playground for supportTransformFeedbacks

supportTransformFeedbacks: boolean

Defines if transform feedbacks are supported

Optional textureAnisotropicFilterExtensionSearch playground for textureAnisotropicFilterExtension

textureAnisotropicFilterExtension: EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic

Gets the webgl extension for anisotropic filtering (null if not supported)

textureFloatSearch playground for textureFloat

textureFloat: boolean

Defines if float textures are supported

textureFloatLinearFilteringSearch playground for textureFloatLinearFiltering

textureFloatLinearFiltering: boolean

Defines if float texture linear filtering is supported

textureFloatRenderSearch playground for textureFloatRender

textureFloatRender: boolean

Defines if rendering to float textures is supported

textureHalfFloatSearch playground for textureHalfFloat

textureHalfFloat: boolean

Defines if half float textures are supported

textureHalfFloatLinearFilteringSearch playground for textureHalfFloatLinearFiltering

textureHalfFloatLinearFiltering: boolean

Defines if half float texture linear filtering is supported

textureHalfFloatRenderSearch playground for textureHalfFloatRender

textureHalfFloatRender: boolean

Defines if rendering to half float textures is supported

textureLODSearch playground for textureLOD

textureLOD: boolean

Defines if textureLOD shader command is supported

textureMaxLevelSearch playground for textureMaxLevel

textureMaxLevel: boolean

Defines if texture max level are supported

Optional timerQuerySearch playground for timerQuery

Gets disjoint timer query extension (null if not supported)

uintIndicesSearch playground for uintIndices

uintIndices: boolean

Defines if 32 bits indices are supported

vertexArrayObjectSearch playground for vertexArrayObject

vertexArrayObject: boolean

Defines if vertex array objects are supported


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