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Interface EffectWrapperCreationOptions

Options to create an EffectWrapper


  • EffectWrapperCreationOptions



Optional attributeNamesSearch playground for attributeNames

attributeNames: Array<string>

Attributes to use in the shader

Optional definesSearch playground for defines

defines: Array<string>

Defines to use in the shader

engineSearch playground for engine

engine: ThinEngine

Engine to use to create the effect

fragmentShaderSearch playground for fragmentShader

fragmentShader: string

Fragment shader for the effect

Optional nameSearch playground for name

name: string

The friendly name of the effect displayed in Spector.

Optional onCompiledSearch playground for onCompiled

onCompiled: Nullable<(effect: Effect) => void>

Callback when effect is compiled

Optional samplerNamesSearch playground for samplerNames

samplerNames: Array<string>

Texture sampler names to use in the shader

Optional shaderLanguageSearch playground for shaderLanguage

shaderLanguage: ShaderLanguage

The language the shader is written in (default: GLSL)

Optional uniformNamesSearch playground for uniformNames

uniformNames: Array<string>

Uniforms to use in the shader

Optional useShaderStoreSearch playground for useShaderStore

useShaderStore: boolean

Use the shader store instead of direct source code

Optional vertexShaderSearch playground for vertexShader

vertexShader: string

Vertex shader for the effect


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