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Options to modify the vr experience helper's behavior.




controllerMeshes?: boolean

Should the native controller meshes be initialized. (default: true)

createDeviceOrientationCamera?: boolean

Create a DeviceOrientationCamera to be used as your out of vr camera. (default: true)

createFallbackVRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera?: boolean

Create a VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera to be used for VR when no external HMD is found. (default: true)

customVRButton?: HTMLButtonElement

If you'd like to provide your own button to the VRHelper. (default: standard babylon vr button)

defaultHeight?: number

To change the default offset from the ground to account for user's height in meters. Will be scaled by positionScale. (default: 1.7)

defaultLightingOnControllers?: boolean

Creating a default HemiLight only on controllers. (default: true)

displayName?: string

If there are more than one VRDisplays, this will choose the display matching this name. (default: pick first vrDisplay)

floorMeshes?: Mesh[]

A list of meshes to be used as the teleportation floor. If specified, teleportation will be enabled (default: undefined)

laserToggle?: boolean

Uses the main button on the controller to toggle the laser casted. (default: true)

positionScale?: number

Sets the scale of the vrDevice in babylon space. (default: 1)

rayLength?: number

To change the length of the ray for gaze/controllers. Will be scaled by positionScale. (default: 100)

trackPosition?: boolean

Sets if the webVR camera should be tracked to the vrDevice. (default: true)

useCustomVRButton?: boolean

If you don't want to use the default VR button of the helper. (default: false)

useMultiview?: boolean

If multiview should be used if available (default: false)

useXR?: boolean

Defines if WebXR should be used instead of WebVR (if available)

vrDeviceOrientationCameraMetrics?: VRCameraMetrics

Distortion metrics for the fallback vrDeviceOrientationCamera (default: VRCameraMetrics.Default)


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