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Options for the RenderTargetTexture constructor


  • RenderTargetTextureOptions



colorAttachment?: InternalTexture

Specifies the internal texture to use directly instead of creating one (ignores noColorAttachment flag when set)

creationFlags?: number

specific flags to use when creating the texture (e.g., Constants.TEXTURE_CREATIONFLAG_STORAGE for storage textures)

delayAllocation?: boolean

True (default: false) if the texture allocation should be delayed

doNotChangeAspectRatio?: boolean

True (default) to not change the aspect ratio of the scene in the RTT

format?: number

The internal format of the buffer in the RTT (RED, RG, RGB, RGBA (default), ALPHA...)

generateDepthBuffer?: boolean

True (default) to generate a depth buffer

generateMipMaps?: boolean

True (default: false) if mipmaps need to be generated after render

generateStencilBuffer?: boolean

True (default: false) to generate a stencil buffer

isCube?: boolean

True (default: false) if a cube texture needs to be created

isMulti?: boolean

True (default: false) if multiple textures need to be created (Draw Buffers)

noColorAttachment?: boolean

True (default: false) to indicate that no color target should be created. (e.g., if you only want to write to the depth buffer)

samples?: number

Sample count to use when creating the RTT

samplingMode?: number

The sampling mode to be used with the render target (Trilinear (default), Linear, Nearest...)

type?: number

The type of the buffer in the RTT (byte (default), half float, float...)

useSRGBBuffer?: boolean

True (default: false) to create a SRGB texture


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