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Options interface for the near interaction module


  • IWebXRNearInteractionOptions



customUtilityLayerScene?: Scene

If provided, this scene will be used to render meshes.

disableSwitchOnClick?: boolean

Disable switching the near interaction from one controller to the other. If the preferred hand is set it will be fixed on this hand, and if not it will be fixed on the first controller added to the scene

enableNearInteractionOnAllControllers?: boolean

Enable near interaction on all controllers instead of switching between them

farInteractionFeature?: WebXRControllerPointerSelection

Far interaction feature to toggle when near interaction takes precedence

motionControllerOrbMaterial?: Material

Optional material for the motion controller orb, if enabled

nearInteractionControllerMode?: WebXRNearControllerMode

Near interaction mode for motion controllers

preferredHandedness?: XRHandedness

The preferred hand to give the near interaction to. This will be prioritized when the controller initialize. If switch is enabled, it will still allow the user to switch between the different controllers

useUtilityLayer?: boolean

Should meshes created here be added to a utility layer or the main scene

xrInput: WebXRInput

The xr input to use with this near interaction


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