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Options for Light Estimation feature


  • IWebXRLightEstimationOptions



createDirectionalLightSource?: boolean

Should a directional light source be created. If created, this light source will be updated whenever the light estimation values change

cubeMapPollInterval?: number

How often should the cubemap update in ms. If not set the cubemap will be updated every time the underlying system updates the environment texture.

disableCubeMapReflection?: boolean

Disable the cube map reflection feature. In this case only light direction and color will be updated

disableSphericalPolynomial?: boolean

disable applying the spherical polynomial to the cube map texture

disableVectorReuse?: boolean

Should the light estimation's needed vectors be constructed on each frame. Use this when you use those vectors and don't want their values to change outside of the light estimation feature

lightEstimationPollInterval?: number

How often should the light estimation properties update in ms. If not set the light estimation properties will be updated on every frame (depending on the underlying system)

reflectionFormat?: XRReflectionFormat

Define the format to be used for the light estimation texture.

setSceneEnvironmentTexture?: boolean

Should the scene's env texture be set to the cube map reflection texture Note that this doesn't work is disableCubeMapReflection if set to false


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