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Defines the basic options interface of a TexturePacker


  • ITexturePackerOptions



colnum?: number

number of columns if using custom column count layout(2). This defaults to 4.

customFillColor?: string

string value representing the context fill style color. Defaults to 'black'.

disposeSources?: boolean

boolean flag to dispose all the source textures. Defaults to true.

fillBlanks?: boolean

Fills the blank cells in a set to the customFillColor. Defaults to true.

frameSize?: number

Width and Height Value of each Frame in the TexturePacker Sets

layout?: number

number representing the layout style. Defaults to LAYOUT_STRIP

map?: string[]

Custom targets for the channels of a texture packer. Default is all the channels of the Standard Material

paddingColor?: Color4 | Color3

If in SUBUV_COLOR padding mode what color to use.

paddingMode?: number

Number that declares the fill method for the padding gutter.

paddingRatio?: number

Ratio of the value to add padding wise to each cell. Defaults to 0.0115

updateInputMeshes?: boolean

flag to update the input meshes to the new packed texture after compilation. Defaults to true.

uvsIn?: string

the UV input targets, as a single value for all meshes. Defaults to VertexBuffer.UVKind

uvsOut?: string

the UV output targets, as a single value for all meshes. Defaults to VertexBuffer.UVKind


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