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Defines the available options when creating a texture


  • ITextureCreationOptions



buffer?: Nullable<string | ArrayBufferView | Blob | ArrayBuffer | HTMLImageElement | ImageBitmap>

Defines the buffer to load the texture from in case the texture is loaded from a buffer representation (default: null)

creationFlags?: number

Specific flags to use when creating the texture (Constants.TEXTURE_CREATIONFLAG_STORAGE for storage textures, for eg) (default: undefined)

deleteBuffer?: boolean

Defines if the buffer we are loading the texture from should be deleted after load (default: false)

format?: number

Defines the format of the texture we are trying to load (Engine.TEXTUREFORMAT_RGBA...) (default: )

gammaSpace?: boolean

Defines the underlying texture texture space

internalTexture?: InternalTexture

Defines the underlying texture from an already existing one

invertY?: boolean

Defines if the texture needs to be inverted on the y axis during loading (default: true)

loaderOptions?: any

Options to be passed to the loader (default: undefined)

mimeType?: string

Defines an optional mime type information (default: undefined)

noMipmap?: boolean

Defines if the texture will require mip maps or not (default: false)

onError?: Nullable<((message?: string, exception?: any) => void)>

Defines a callback triggered when an error occurred during the loading session (default: null)

onLoad?: Nullable<(() => void)>

Defines a callback triggered when the texture has been loaded (default: null)

samplingMode?: number

Defines the sampling mode we want for the texture while fetching from it (Texture.NEAREST_SAMPLINGMODE...) (default: Texture.TRILINEAR_SAMPLINGMODE)

useSRGBBuffer?: boolean

Defines if the texture must be loaded in a sRGB GPU buffer (if supported by the GPU) (default: false)


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