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Configures the navigation mesh creation


  • INavMeshParameters



borderSize?: number

The size of the non-navigable border around the heightfield.

ch: number

The y-axis cell size to use for fields. [Limit: > 0] [Units: wu]

cs: number

The xz-plane cell size to use for fields. [Limit: > 0] [Units: wu]

detailSampleDist: number

Sets the sampling distance to use when generating the detail mesh. (For height detail only.) [Limits: 0 or >= 0.9] [Units: wu]

detailSampleMaxError: number

The maximum distance the detail mesh surface should deviate from heightfield data. (For height detail only.) [Limit: >=0] [Units: wu]

maxEdgeLen: number

The maximum allowed length for contour edges along the border of the mesh. [Limit: >=0] [Units: vx]

maxSimplificationError: number

The maximum distance a simplified contour's border edges should deviate the original raw contour. [Limit: >=0] [Units: vx]

maxVertsPerPoly: number

The maximum number of vertices allowed for polygons generated during the contour to polygon conversion process. [Limit: >= 3]

mergeRegionArea: number

Any regions with a span count smaller than this value will, if possible, be merged with larger regions. [Limit: >=0] [Units: vx]

minRegionArea: number

The minimum number of cells allowed to form isolated island areas. [Limit: >=0] [Units: vx]

tileSize?: number

If using obstacles, the navmesh must be subdivided internaly by tiles. This member defines the tile cube side length in world units. If no obstacles are needed, leave it undefined or 0.

walkableClimb: number

Maximum ledge height that is considered to still be traversable. [Limit: >=0] [Units: vx]

walkableHeight: number

Minimum floor to 'ceiling' height that will still allow the floor area to be considered walkable. [Limit: >= 3] [Units: vx]

walkableRadius: number

The distance to erode/shrink the walkable area of the heightfield away from obstructions. [Limit: >=0] [Units: vx]

walkableSlopeAngle: number

The maximum slope that is considered walkable. [Limits: 0 <= value < 90] [Units: Degrees]


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