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Interface used to define the options to use to create the Inspector


  • IInspectorOptions



additionalNodes?: IExplorerAdditionalNode[]

Optional list of additional top level nodes

contextMenu?: Partial<Record<IInspectorContextMenuType, IInspectorContextMenuItem[]>>

Context menu for inspector tools such as "Post Process", "Nodes", "Materials", etc.

contextMenuOverride?: IInspectorContextMenuType[]

List of context menu items that should be completely overridden by custom items from the contextMenu property.

embedMode?: boolean

Display in embed mode (both panes on the right)

enableClose?: boolean

Allow the panes to be closed by users (default: true)

enablePopup?: boolean

Allow the panes to popup (default: true)

explorerExtensibility?: IExplorerExtensibilityGroup[]

Optional list of extensibility entries

gizmoCamera?: Camera

Optional camera to use to render the gizmos from the inspector (default to the scene.activeCamera or the latest from scene.activeCameras)

globalRoot?: HTMLElement

HTML element to use as root (the parent of the rendering canvas will be used as default value)

handleResize?: boolean

let the Inspector handles resize of the canvas when panes are resized (default to true)

initialTab?: DebugLayerTab

Optional initial tab (default to DebugLayerTab.Properties)

inspectorURL?: string

Optional URL to get the inspector script from (by default it uses the babylonjs CDN).

overlay?: boolean

Display in overlay mode (default: false)

showExplorer?: boolean

Display the Scene explorer

showInspector?: boolean

Display the property inspector


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