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Define an interface for a node to indicate it's info for accessibility. By default, Node type doesn't imply accessibility info unless this tag is assigned. Whereas GUI controls already indicate accessibility info, but one can override the info using this tag.


  • IAccessibilityTag



aria?: { aria-activedescendant: any; aria-atomic: any; aria-autocomplete: any; aria-busy: any; aria-checked: any; aria-colcount: any; aria-colindex: any; aria-colspan: any; aria-controls: any; aria-describedby: any; aria-description: any; aria-details: any; aria-disabled: any; aria-dropeffect: any; aria-errormessage: any; aria-expanded: any; aria-flowto: any; aria-grabbed: any; aria-haspopup: any; aria-hidden: any; aria-invalid: any; aria-label: any; aria-labelledby: any; aria-level: any; aria-live: any; aria-modal: any; aria-multiline: any; aria-multiselectable: any; aria-orientation: any; aria-owns: any; aria-placeholder: any; aria-posinset: any; aria-pressed: any; aria-readonly: any; aria-relevant: any; aria-required: any; aria-rowcount: any; aria-rowindex: any; aria-rowspan: any; aria-selected: any; aria-setsize: any; aria-sort: any; aria-valuemax: any; aria-valuemin: any; aria-valuenow: any; aria-valuetext: any }

Type declaration

  • aria-activedescendant: any
  • aria-atomic: any
  • aria-autocomplete: any
  • aria-busy: any
  • aria-checked: any
  • aria-colcount: any
  • aria-colindex: any
  • aria-colspan: any
  • aria-controls: any
  • aria-describedby: any
  • aria-description: any
  • aria-details: any
  • aria-disabled: any
  • aria-dropeffect: any
  • aria-errormessage: any
  • aria-expanded: any
  • aria-flowto: any
  • aria-grabbed: any
  • aria-haspopup: any
  • aria-hidden: any
  • aria-invalid: any
  • aria-label: any
  • aria-labelledby: any
  • aria-level: any
  • aria-live: any
  • aria-modal: any
  • aria-multiline: any
  • aria-multiselectable: any
  • aria-orientation: any
  • aria-owns: any
  • aria-placeholder: any
  • aria-posinset: any
  • aria-pressed: any
  • aria-readonly: any
  • aria-relevant: any
  • aria-required: any
  • aria-rowcount: any
  • aria-rowindex: any
  • aria-rowspan: any
  • aria-selected: any
  • aria-setsize: any
  • aria-sort: any
  • aria-valuemax: any
  • aria-valuemin: any
  • aria-valuenow: any
  • aria-valuetext: any
description?: string

A string as alt text of the node, describing what the node is/does, for accessibility purpose.

eventHandler?: { beforexrselect: ((e?: Event) => void) }

Customize the event of the accessible object. This will be applied on the generated HTML twin node.

Type declaration

  • beforexrselect: ((e?: Event) => void)
      • (e?: Event): void
      • Parameters

        • Optional e: Event

        Returns void

ARIA roles and attributes to customize accessibility support. If you use BabylonJS's accessibility html twin renderer, and want to override the default behavior (not suggested), this can be your way. Learn more about ARIA: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Accessibility/ARIA


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