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Material options for GreasedLineBuilder




color?: Color3

Color of the line. Applies to all line segments. Defaults to White.

Distribution of the colors if the color table contains fewer entries than needed. Defaults to GreasedLineMeshColorDistribution.COLOR_DISTRIBUTION_START



colorDistributionType?: GreasedLineMeshColorDistributionType

The method used to distribute the colors along the line. You can use segment distribution when each segment will use on color from the color table. Or you can use line distribution when the colors are distributed evenly along the line ignoring the segments.

Color mode of the line. Applies to all line segments. The pixel color from the material shader will be modified with the value of @see color using the colorMode. Defaults to @see GreasedLineMeshColorMode.SET

colors?: Color3[]

Colors of the line segments. Defaults to empty.

colorsSampling?: number

Sampling type of the colors texture Defaults to NEAREST_NEAREST.

createAndAssignMaterial?: boolean

If set to true a new material will be created and a new material plugin will be attached to the material. The material will be set on the mesh. If the instance option is specified in the mesh options, no material will be created/assigned. Defaults to true.

dashCount?: number

GreasedLinePluginMaterial.setDashCount Number of dashes in the line. Defaults to 1.

dashOffset?: number

Offset of the dashes along the line. 0 to 1. Defaults to 0.



dashRatio?: number

Length of the dash. 0 to 1. 0.5 means half empty, half drawn. Defaults to 0.5.



Type of the material to use to render the line. Defaults to StandardMaterial.

resolution?: Vector2

Defaults to engine.getRenderWidth() and engine.getRenderHeight() Rendering resolution

sizeAttenuation?: boolean

If false then width units = scene units. If true then line will width be reduced. Defaults to false.

useColors?: boolean

If true, @see colors are used, otherwise they're ignored. Defaults to false.

useDash?: boolean

If true, dashing is used. Defaults to false.

visibility?: number

Sets the line length visibility. 0 - 0% of the line will be visible. 1 - 100% of the line will be visible.



width?: number

Line width. If sizeAttenuation os false scene units will be used for width. Defaults to 0.1 if @see sizeAttenuation is false, or to 1 if it's true.


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