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The root object for a glTF asset




accessors?: BABYLON.GLTF2.IAccessor[]

An array of accessors. An accessor is a typed view into a bufferView

animations?: BABYLON.GLTF2.IAnimation[]

An array of keyframe animations

asset: IAsset

Metadata about the glTF asset

bufferViews?: BABYLON.GLTF2.IBufferView[]

An array of bufferViews. A bufferView is a view into a buffer generally representing a subset of the buffer

buffers?: BABYLON.GLTF2.IBuffer[]

An array of buffers. A buffer points to binary geometry, animation, or skins

cameras?: BABYLON.GLTF2.ICamera[]

An array of cameras

extensions?: {}

Dictionary object with extension-specific objects

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: any
extensionsRequired?: string[]

Names of glTF extensions required to properly load this asset

extensionsUsed?: string[]

Names of glTF extensions used somewhere in this asset

extras?: any

Application-Specific data

images?: BABYLON.GLTF2.IImage[]

An array of images. An image defines data used to create a texture

materials?: BABYLON.GLTF2.IMaterial[]

An array of materials. A material defines the appearance of a primitive

meshes?: BABYLON.GLTF2.IMesh[]

An array of meshes. A mesh is a set of primitives to be rendered

nodes?: BABYLON.GLTF2.INode[]

An array of nodes

samplers?: BABYLON.GLTF2.ISampler[]

An array of samplers. A sampler contains properties for texture filtering and wrapping modes

scene?: number

The index of the default scene

scenes?: BABYLON.GLTF2.IScene[]

An array of scenes

skins?: BABYLON.GLTF2.ISkin[]

An array of skins. A skin is defined by joints and matrices

textures?: BABYLON.GLTF2.ITexture[]

An array of textures


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