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Interface defining initialization parameters for Engine class




adaptToDeviceRatio?: boolean

Defines whether to adapt to the device's viewport characteristics (default: false)

antialias?: boolean

Defines whether MSAA is enabled on the canvas.

audioEngine?: boolean

Defines if webaudio should be initialized as well



audioEngineOptions?: IAudioEngineOptions

Specifies options for the audio engine

autoEnableWebVR?: boolean

Defines if webvr should be enabled automatically



deterministicLockstep?: boolean

Defines if animations should run using a deterministic lock step



disableWebGL2Support?: boolean

Defines if webgl2 should be turned off even if supported



doNotHandleContextLost?: boolean

Defines that engine should ignore context lost events If this event happens when this parameter is true, you will have to reload the page to restore rendering

doNotHandleTouchAction?: boolean

Defines that engine should ignore modifying touch action attribute and style If not handle, you might need to set it up on your side for expected touch devices behavior.

failIfMajorPerformanceCaveat?: boolean

Will prevent the system from falling back to software implementation if a hardware device cannot be created

forceSRGBBufferSupportState?: boolean

If sRGB Buffer support is not set during construction, use this value to force a specific state This is added due to an issue when processing textures in chrome/edge/firefox This will not influence NativeEngine and WebGPUEngine which set the behavior to true during construction.

limitDeviceRatio?: number

Defines if the engine should no exceed a specified device ratio



lockstepMaxSteps?: number

Defines the maximum steps to use with deterministic lock step mode

premultipliedAlpha?: boolean

Defines whether the canvas should be created in "premultiplied" mode (if false, the canvas is created in the "opaque" mode) (true by default)

stencil?: boolean

Defines whether the stencil buffer should be enabled.

timeStep?: number

Defines the seconds between each deterministic lock step

useExactSrgbConversions?: boolean

True if the more expensive but exact conversions should be used for transforming colors to and from linear space within shaders. Otherwise, the default is to use a cheaper approximation.

useHighPrecisionFloats?: boolean

Defines that engine should compile shaders with high precision floats (if supported). True by default

useHighPrecisionMatrix?: boolean

Make the matrix computations to be performed in 64 bits instead of 32 bits. False by default

xrCompatible?: boolean

Make the canvas XR Compatible for XR sessions


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