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Defines the source of the internal texture


Enumeration Members

Cube: 7

Texture data comes from a cube data file

CubePrefiltered: 9

Texture data come from a prefiltered cube data file

CubeRaw: 8

Texture data comes from a raw cube data

CubeRawRGBD: 13

Texture data comes from a raw cube data encoded with RGBD

Depth: 14

Texture content is a depth texture

DepthStencil: 12

Texture content is a depth/stencil texture

Dynamic: 4

Texture content is dynamic (video or dynamic texture)

MultiRenderTarget: 6

Texture content is part of a multi render target process

Raw: 3

Texture data comes from raw data (ArrayBuffer)

Raw2DArray: 11

Texture content is raw 2D array data

Raw3D: 10

Texture content is raw 3D data

RenderTarget: 5

Texture content is generated by rendering to it

Temp: 2

Texture data is only used for temporary storage

Unknown: 0

The source of the texture data is unknown

Url: 1

Texture data comes from an URL


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