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Class WebXRHitTestLegacy

The currently-working hit-test module. Hit test (or Ray-casting) is used to interact with the real world. For further information read here - https://github.com/immersive-web/hit-test







disableAutoAttachSearch playground for disableAutoAttach

disableAutoAttach: boolean

Should auto-attach be disabled?

isDisposedSearch playground for isDisposed

isDisposed: boolean

Is this feature disposed?

lastNativeXRHitResultsSearch playground for lastNativeXRHitResults

lastNativeXRHitResults: XRHitResult[]

Populated with the last native XR Hit Results

onHitTestResultObservableSearch playground for onHitTestResultObservable

onHitTestResultObservable: Observable<IWebXRLegacyHitResult[]>

Triggered when new babylon (transformed) hit test results are available

Readonly optionsSearch playground for options

options to use when constructing this feature

xrNativeFeatureNameSearch playground for xrNativeFeatureName

xrNativeFeatureName: string

The name of the native xr feature name (like anchor, hit-test, or hand-tracking)

Static Readonly NameSearch playground for Name

Name: string

The module's name

Static Readonly VersionSearch playground for Version

Version: number

The (Babylon) version of this module. This is an integer representing the implementation version. This number does not correspond to the WebXR specs version



  • get attached(): boolean


attachSearch playground for attach

  • attach(): boolean
  • attach this feature Will usually be called by the features manager

    Returns boolean

    true if successful.

detachSearch playground for detach

  • detach(): boolean

disposeSearch playground for dispose

  • dispose(): void

isCompatibleSearch playground for isCompatible

  • isCompatible(): boolean
  • This function will be executed during before enabling the feature and can be used to not-allow enabling it. Note that at this point the session has NOT started, so this is purely checking if the browser supports it

    Returns boolean

    whether or not the feature is compatible in this environment

Static XRHitTestWithRaySearch playground for XRHitTestWithRay

  • execute a hit test with an XR Ray


    • xrSession: XRSession

      a native xrSession that will execute this hit test

    • xrRay: XRRay

      the ray (position and direction) to use for ray-casting

    • referenceSpace: XRReferenceSpace

      native XR reference space to use for the hit-test

    • Optional filter: (result: XRHitResult) => boolean

      filter function that will filter the results

    Returns Promise<XRHitResult[]>

    a promise that resolves with an array of native XR hit result in xr coordinates system

Static XRHitTestWithSelectEventSearch playground for XRHitTestWithSelectEvent

  • Execute a hit test on the current running session using a select event returned from a transient input (such as touch)


    Returns Promise<XRHitResult[]>

    a promise that resolves with an array of native XR hit result in xr coordinates system


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