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Class WebXRFeatureName

A list of the currently available features without referencing them


  • WebXRFeatureName



Static Readonly ANCHOR_SYSTEMSearch playground for ANCHOR_SYSTEM

ANCHOR_SYSTEM: "xr-anchor-system" = "xr-anchor-system"

The name of the anchor system feature

Static Readonly BACKGROUND_REMOVERSearch playground for BACKGROUND_REMOVER

BACKGROUND_REMOVER: "xr-background-remover" = "xr-background-remover"

The name of the background remover feature

Static Readonly DOM_OVERLAYSearch playground for DOM_OVERLAY

DOM_OVERLAY: "xr-dom-overlay" = "xr-dom-overlay"

The name of the DOM overlay feature

Static Readonly EYE_TRACKINGSearch playground for EYE_TRACKING

EYE_TRACKING: "xr-eye-tracking" = "xr-eye-tracking"

The name of the eye tracking feature

Static Readonly FEATURE_POINTSSearch playground for FEATURE_POINTS

FEATURE_POINTS: "xr-feature-points" = "xr-feature-points"

The name of the feature points feature.

Static Readonly HAND_TRACKINGSearch playground for HAND_TRACKING

HAND_TRACKING: "xr-hand-tracking" = "xr-hand-tracking"

The name of the hand tracking feature.

Static Readonly HIT_TESTSearch playground for HIT_TEST

HIT_TEST: "xr-hit-test" = "xr-hit-test"

The name of the hit test feature

Static Readonly IMAGE_TRACKINGSearch playground for IMAGE_TRACKING

IMAGE_TRACKING: "xr-image-tracking" = "xr-image-tracking"

The name of the image tracking feature

Static Readonly LAYERSSearch playground for LAYERS

LAYERS: "xr-layers" = "xr-layers"

The name of the composition layers feature

Static Readonly LIGHT_ESTIMATIONSearch playground for LIGHT_ESTIMATION

LIGHT_ESTIMATION: "xr-light-estimation" = "xr-light-estimation"

The name of the light estimation feature

Static Readonly MESH_DETECTIONSearch playground for MESH_DETECTION

MESH_DETECTION: "xr-mesh-detection" = "xr-mesh-detection"

The name of the mesh detection feature

Static Readonly MOVEMENTSearch playground for MOVEMENT

MOVEMENT: "xr-controller-movement" = "xr-controller-movement"

The name of the movement feature

Static Readonly NEAR_INTERACTIONSearch playground for NEAR_INTERACTION

NEAR_INTERACTION: "xr-near-interaction" = "xr-near-interaction"

The name of the near interaction feature


PHYSICS_CONTROLLERS: "xr-physics-controller" = "xr-physics-controller"

physics impostors for xr controllers feature

Static Readonly PLANE_DETECTIONSearch playground for PLANE_DETECTION

PLANE_DETECTION: "xr-plane-detection" = "xr-plane-detection"

The name of the plane detection feature

Static Readonly POINTER_SELECTIONSearch playground for POINTER_SELECTION

POINTER_SELECTION: "xr-controller-pointer-selection" = "xr-controller-pointer-selection"

The name of the pointer selection feature

Static Readonly TELEPORTATIONSearch playground for TELEPORTATION

TELEPORTATION: "xr-controller-teleportation" = "xr-controller-teleportation"

The name of the teleportation feature

Static Readonly WALKING_LOCOMOTIONSearch playground for WALKING_LOCOMOTION

WALKING_LOCOMOTION: "xr-walking-locomotion" = "xr-walking-locomotion"

The name of the walking locomotion feature


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