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Class VRCameraMetrics

This represents all the required metrics to create a VR camera.




  • VRCameraMetrics



chromaAbCorrectionSearch playground for chromaAbCorrection

chromaAbCorrection: number[]

Define the chromatic aberration correction factors for the VR post process.

compensateDistortionSearch playground for compensateDistortion

compensateDistortion: boolean

Define if the current vr camera should compensate the distortion of the lens or not.

distortionKSearch playground for distortionK

distortionK: number[]

Define the distortion factor of the VR postprocess. Please, touch with care.

eyeToScreenDistanceSearch playground for eyeToScreenDistance

eyeToScreenDistance: number

Define the distance of the eyes to the screen.

hResolutionSearch playground for hResolution

hResolution: number

Define the horizontal resolution off the screen.

hScreenSizeSearch playground for hScreenSize

hScreenSize: number

Define the horizontal screen size.

interpupillaryDistanceSearch playground for interpupillaryDistance

interpupillaryDistance: number

Define the distance between both viewer's eyes.

lensCenterOffsetSearch playground for lensCenterOffset

lensCenterOffset: number

Define an offset for the lens center.

lensSeparationDistanceSearch playground for lensSeparationDistance

lensSeparationDistance: number

Define the distance between both lenses

multiviewEnabledSearch playground for multiviewEnabled

multiviewEnabled: boolean

Defines if multiview should be enabled when rendering (Default: false)

postProcessScaleFactorSearch playground for postProcessScaleFactor

postProcessScaleFactor: number

Define the scale factor of the post process. The smaller the better but the slower.

vResolutionSearch playground for vResolution

vResolution: number

Define the vertical resolution off the screen.

vScreenCenterSearch playground for vScreenCenter

vScreenCenter: number

Define the vertical screen center position.

vScreenSizeSearch playground for vScreenSize

vScreenSize: number

Define the vertical screen size.



  • get aspectRatio(): number
  • Gets the rendering aspect ratio based on the provided resolutions.

    Returns number


  • get aspectRatioFov(): number
  • Gets the aspect ratio based on the FOV, scale factors, and real screen sizes.

    Returns number


Static GetDefaultSearch playground for GetDefault

  • Get the default VRMetrics based on the most generic setup.

    Returns VRCameraMetrics

    the default vr metrics


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