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Class RenderTargetWrapper

Wrapper around a render target (either single or multi textures)


  • RenderTargetWrapper




  • Initializes the render target wrapper


    • isMulti: boolean

      true if the wrapper is a multi render target

    • isCube: boolean

      true if the wrapper should render to a cube texture

    • size: TextureSize

      size of the render target (width/height/layers)

    • engine: ThinEngine

      engine used to create the render target

    Returns RenderTargetWrapper



  • get height(): number
  • Gets the height of the render target wrapper

    Returns number


  • get is2DArray(): boolean
  • Defines if the render target wrapper is for a single or an array of textures

    Returns boolean


  • get isCube(): boolean
  • Defines if the render target wrapper is for a cube texture or if false a 2d texture

    Returns boolean


  • get isMulti(): boolean
  • Defines if the render target wrapper is for a single or multi target render wrapper

    Returns boolean


  • get layers(): number
  • Gets the number of layers of the render target wrapper (only used if is2DArray is true)

    Returns number


  • get samples(): number
  • Gets the sample count of the render target

    Returns number


  • get size(): number
  • Gets the size of the render target wrapper (used for cubes, as width=height in this case)

    Returns number


  • Gets the render texture. If this is a multi render target, gets the first texture

    Returns Nullable<InternalTexture>


  • Gets the list of render textures. If we are not in a multi render target, the list will be null (use the texture getter instead)

    Returns Nullable<InternalTexture[]>


  • get width(): number
  • Gets the width of the render target wrapper

    Returns number


createDepthStencilTextureSearch playground for createDepthStencilTexture

  • createDepthStencilTexture(comparisonFunction?: number, bilinearFiltering?: boolean, generateStencil?: boolean, samples?: number, format?: number): InternalTexture
  • Creates the depth/stencil texture


    • Optional comparisonFunction: number

      Comparison function to use for the texture

    • Optional bilinearFiltering: boolean

      true if bilinear filtering should be used when sampling the texture

    • Optional generateStencil: boolean

      true if the stencil aspect should also be created

    • Optional samples: number

      sample count to use when creating the texture

    • Optional format: number

      format of the depth texture

    Returns InternalTexture

    the depth/stencil created texture

disposeSearch playground for dispose

  • dispose(disposeOnlyFramebuffers?: boolean): void
  • Disposes the whole render target wrapper


    • Optional disposeOnlyFramebuffers: boolean

      true if only the frame buffers should be released (used for the WebGL engine). If false, all the textures will also be released

    Returns void

releaseTexturesSearch playground for releaseTextures

  • releaseTextures(): void
  • Releases the internal render textures

    Returns void

setSamplesSearch playground for setSamples

  • setSamples(value: number, initializeBuffers?: boolean, force?: boolean): number
  • Sets the sample count of the render target


    • value: number

      sample count

    • Optional initializeBuffers: boolean

      If set to true, the engine will make an initializing call to drawBuffers (only used when isMulti=true).

    • Optional force: boolean

      true to force calling the update sample count engine function even if the current sample count is equal to value

    Returns number

    the sample count that has been set

setTextureSearch playground for setTexture

  • setTexture(texture: InternalTexture, index?: number, disposePrevious?: boolean): void
  • Set a texture in the textures array


    • texture: InternalTexture

      the texture to set

    • Optional index: number

      the index in the textures array to set

    • Optional disposePrevious: boolean

      If this function should dispose the previous texture

    Returns void

setTexturesSearch playground for setTextures


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