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Class Particle

A particle represents one of the element emitted by a particle system. This is mainly define by its coordinates, direction, velocity and age.


  • Particle




  • Creates a new instance Particle


    • particleSystem: ParticleSystem

      the particle system the particle belongs to

    Returns Particle


ageSearch playground for age

age: number

The current age of the particle.

angleSearch playground for angle

angle: number

The current angle of the particle.

angularSpeedSearch playground for angularSpeed

angularSpeed: number

Defines how fast is the angle changing.

cellIndexSearch playground for cellIndex

cellIndex: number

Defines the cell index used by the particle to be rendered from a sprite.

colorSearch playground for color

color: Color4

The color of the particle.

colorStepSearch playground for colorStep

colorStep: Color4

The color change of the particle per step.

directionSearch playground for direction

direction: Vector3

The world direction of the particle in the scene.

idSearch playground for id

id: number

Unique ID of the particle

lifeTimeSearch playground for lifeTime

lifeTime: number

Defines how long will the life of the particle be.

particleSystemSearch playground for particleSystem

particleSystem: ParticleSystem

The particle system the particle belongs to.

positionSearch playground for position

position: Vector3

The world position of the particle in the scene.

remapDataSearch playground for remapData

remapData: Vector4

The information required to support color remapping

scaleSearch playground for scale

scale: Vector2

The current scale of the particle.

sizeSearch playground for size

size: number

The current size of the particle.


copyToSearch playground for copyTo

  • Copy the properties of particle to another one.


    • other: Particle

      the particle to copy the information to.

    Returns void

updateCellIndexSearch playground for updateCellIndex

  • updateCellIndex(): void
  • Defines how the sprite cell index is updated for the particle

    Returns void


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