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Class NodeMaterialBuildStateSharedData

Class used to store shared data between 2 NodeMaterialBuildState


  • NodeMaterialBuildStateSharedData





allowEmptyVertexProgramSearch playground for allowEmptyVertexProgram

allowEmptyVertexProgram: boolean

Is vertex program allowed to be empty?

animatedInputsSearch playground for animatedInputs

animatedInputs: InputBlock[]

Gets the list of animated inputs

bindableBlocksSearch playground for bindableBlocks

bindableBlocks: NodeMaterialBlock[]

Bindable blocks (Blocks that need to set data to the effect)

blockingBlocksSearch playground for blockingBlocks

blockingBlocks: NodeMaterialBlock[]

List of blocks that can block the isReady function for the material

blocksWithDefinesSearch playground for blocksWithDefines

blocksWithDefines: NodeMaterialBlock[]

List of blocks that can provide a define update

blocksWithFallbacksSearch playground for blocksWithFallbacks

blocksWithFallbacks: NodeMaterialBlock[]

List of blocks that can provide a compilation fallback

buildIdSearch playground for buildId

buildId: number

Build Id used to avoid multiple recompilations

checksSearch playground for checks

checks: { emitFragment: boolean; emitVertex: boolean; notConnectedNonOptionalInputs: NodeMaterialConnectionPoint[] }

List of compilation checks

Type declaration

defineNamesSearch playground for defineNames

defineNames: {}

List of emitted defines

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: number

dynamicUniformBlocksSearch playground for dynamicUniformBlocks

dynamicUniformBlocks: NodeMaterialBlock[]

List of blocks that can provide a dynamic list of uniforms

emitCommentsSearch playground for emitComments

emitComments: boolean

Should emit comments?

forcedBindableBlocksSearch playground for forcedBindableBlocks

forcedBindableBlocks: NodeMaterialBlock[]

Bindable blocks (Blocks that need to set data to the effect) that will always be called (by bindForSubMesh), contrary to bindableBlocks that won't be called if _mustRebind() returns false

fragmentOutputNodesSearch playground for fragmentOutputNodes

fragmentOutputNodes: Immutable<Array<NodeMaterialBlock>>

List of the fragment output nodes

hintsSearch playground for hints

hints: { needAlphaBlending: boolean; needAlphaTesting: boolean; needWorldViewMatrix: boolean; needWorldViewProjectionMatrix: boolean }

Gets the compilation hints emitted at compilation time

Type declaration

  • needAlphaBlending: boolean
  • needAlphaTesting: boolean
  • needWorldViewMatrix: boolean
  • needWorldViewProjectionMatrix: boolean

inputBlocksSearch playground for inputBlocks

inputBlocks: InputBlock[]

Input blocks

repeatableContentBlocksSearch playground for repeatableContentBlocks

repeatableContentBlocks: NodeMaterialBlock[]

List of blocks that can provide a repeatable content

sceneSearch playground for scene

scene: Scene

Gets or sets the hosting scene

tempsSearch playground for temps

temps: string[]

Gets the list of emitted varyings

textureBlocksSearch playground for textureBlocks

Input blocks

variableNamesSearch playground for variableNames

variableNames: {}

List of emitted variables

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: number

varyingDeclarationSearch playground for varyingDeclaration

varyingDeclaration: string

Gets the varying declaration string

varyingsSearch playground for varyings

varyings: string[]

Gets the list of emitted varyings

verboseSearch playground for verbose

verbose: boolean

Emit build activity


emitErrorsSearch playground for emitErrors

  • emitErrors(): void
  • Emits console errors and exceptions if there is a failing check

    Returns void


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