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Class KhronosTextureContainer


  • KhronosTextureContainer




  • new KhronosTextureContainer(data: ArrayBufferView, facesExpected: number, threeDExpected?: boolean, textureArrayExpected?: boolean): KhronosTextureContainer
  • Creates a new KhronosTextureContainer


    • data: ArrayBufferView

      contents of the KTX container file

    • facesExpected: number

      should be either 1 or 6, based whether a cube texture or or

    • Optional threeDExpected: boolean

      provision for indicating that data should be a 3D texture, not implemented

    • Optional textureArrayExpected: boolean

      provision for indicating that data should be a texture array, not implemented

    Returns KhronosTextureContainer


bytesOfKeyValueDataSearch playground for bytesOfKeyValueData

bytesOfKeyValueData: number

Gets the bytes of key value data

dataSearch playground for data

data: ArrayBufferView

contents of the KTX container file

glBaseInternalFormatSearch playground for glBaseInternalFormat

glBaseInternalFormat: number

Gets the base internal format

glFormatSearch playground for glFormat

glFormat: number

Gets the openGL format

glInternalFormatSearch playground for glInternalFormat

glInternalFormat: number

Gets the openGL internal format

glTypeSearch playground for glType

glType: number

Gets the openGL type

glTypeSizeSearch playground for glTypeSize

glTypeSize: number

Gets the openGL type size

isInvalidSearch playground for isInvalid

isInvalid: boolean

If the container has been made invalid (eg. constructor failed to correctly load array buffer)

loadTypeSearch playground for loadType

loadType: number

Gets the load type

numberOfArrayElementsSearch playground for numberOfArrayElements

numberOfArrayElements: number

Gets the number of array elements

numberOfFacesSearch playground for numberOfFaces

numberOfFaces: number

Gets the number of faces

numberOfMipmapLevelsSearch playground for numberOfMipmapLevels

numberOfMipmapLevels: number

Gets the number of mipmap levels

pixelDepthSearch playground for pixelDepth

pixelDepth: number

Gets image depth in pixels

pixelHeightSearch playground for pixelHeight

pixelHeight: number

Gets image height in pixel

pixelWidthSearch playground for pixelWidth

pixelWidth: number

Gets image width in pixel


Static IsValidSearch playground for IsValid

  • IsValid(data: ArrayBufferView): boolean
  • Checks if the given data starts with a KTX file identifier.


    • data: ArrayBufferView

      the data to check

    Returns boolean

    true if the data is a KTX file or false otherwise


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