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Class FollowCameraInputsManager

Default Inputs manager for the FollowCamera. It groups all the default supported inputs for ease of use.








attachedSearch playground for attached

Defines the list of inputs attached to the camera.

attachedToElementSearch playground for attachedToElement

attachedToElement: boolean

Defines the dom element the camera is collecting inputs from. This is null if the controls have not been attached.

cameraSearch playground for camera

camera: FollowCamera

Defined the camera the input manager belongs to.

checkInputsSearch playground for checkInputs

checkInputs: () => void

Update the current camera state depending on the inputs that have been used this frame. This is a dynamically created lambda to avoid the performance penalty of looping for inputs in the render loop.

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • Returns void

noPreventDefaultSearch playground for noPreventDefault

noPreventDefault: boolean

Defines whether event caught by the controls should call preventdefault() (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Event/preventDefault)


addSearch playground for add

addKeyboardSearch playground for addKeyboard

  • Add keyboard input support to the input manager.

    Returns FollowCameraInputsManager

    the current input manager

addMouseWheelSearch playground for addMouseWheel

  • Add mouse wheel input support to the input manager.

    Returns FollowCameraInputsManager

    the current input manager

addPointersSearch playground for addPointers

  • Add pointers input support to the input manager.

    Returns FollowCameraInputsManager

    the current input manager

addVRDeviceOrientationSearch playground for addVRDeviceOrientation

  • Add orientation input support to the input manager.

    Returns FollowCameraInputsManager

    the current input manager

attachElementSearch playground for attachElement

  • attachElement(noPreventDefault?: boolean): void

attachInputSearch playground for attachInput

  • Attach the input controls to the currently attached dom element to listen the events from.


    Returns void

clearSearch playground for clear

  • clear(): void
  • Remove all attached input methods from a camera

    Returns void

detachElementSearch playground for detachElement

  • detachElement(disconnect?: boolean): void
  • Detach the current manager inputs controls from a specific dom element.


    • Optional disconnect: boolean

      Defines whether the input should be removed from the current list of attached inputs

    Returns void

parseSearch playground for parse

  • parse(parsedCamera: any): void
  • Parses an input manager serialized JSON to restore the previous list of inputs and states associated to a camera.


    • parsedCamera: any

      Defines the JSON to parse

    Returns void

rebuildInputCheckSearch playground for rebuildInputCheck

  • rebuildInputCheck(): void
  • Rebuild the dynamic inputCheck function from the current list of defined inputs in the manager.

    Returns void

removeSearch playground for remove

  • Remove a specific input method from a camera example: camera.inputs.remove(camera.inputs.attached.mouse);


    Returns void

removeByTypeSearch playground for removeByType

  • removeByType(inputType: string): void
  • Remove a specific input type from a camera example: camera.inputs.remove("ArcRotateCameraGamepadInput");


    • inputType: string

      the type of the input to remove

    Returns void

serializeSearch playground for serialize

  • serialize(serializedCamera: any): void
  • Serialize the current input manager attached to a camera. This ensures than once parsed, the input associated to the camera will be identical to the current ones


    • serializedCamera: any

      Defines the camera serialization JSON the input serialization should write to

    Returns void


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