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Class Buffer

Class used to store data that will be store in GPU memory


  • Buffer




  • new Buffer(engine: any, data: DataArray, updatable: boolean, stride?: number, postponeInternalCreation?: boolean, instanced?: boolean, useBytes?: boolean, divisor?: number): Buffer
  • Constructor


    • engine: any

      the engine

    • data: DataArray

      the data to use for this buffer

    • updatable: boolean

      whether the data is updatable

    • Optional stride: number

      the stride (optional)

    • Optional postponeInternalCreation: boolean

      whether to postpone creating the internal WebGL buffer (optional)

    • Optional instanced: boolean

      whether the buffer is instanced (optional)

    • Optional useBytes: boolean

      set to true if the stride in in bytes (optional)

    • Optional divisor: number

      sets an optional divisor for instances (1 by default)

    Returns Buffer


Readonly byteStrideSearch playground for byteStride

byteStride: number

Gets the byte stride.


createSearch playground for create

  • Store data into the buffer. If the buffer was already used it will be either recreated or updated depending on isUpdatable property


    Returns void

createVertexBufferSearch playground for createVertexBuffer

  • createVertexBuffer(kind: string, offset: number, size: number, stride?: number, instanced?: boolean, useBytes?: boolean, divisor?: number): VertexBuffer
  • Create a new VertexBuffer based on the current buffer


    • kind: string

      defines the vertex buffer kind (position, normal, etc.)

    • offset: number

      defines offset in the buffer (0 by default)

    • size: number

      defines the size in floats of attributes (position is 3 for instance)

    • Optional stride: number

      defines the stride size in floats in the buffer (the offset to apply to reach next value when data is interleaved)

    • Optional instanced: boolean

      defines if the vertex buffer contains indexed data

    • Optional useBytes: boolean

      defines if the offset and stride are in bytes *

    • Optional divisor: number

      sets an optional divisor for instances (1 by default)

    Returns VertexBuffer

    the new vertex buffer

disposeSearch playground for dispose

  • dispose(): void
  • Release all resources

    Returns void

getBufferSearch playground for getBuffer

  • Gets underlying native buffer

    Returns Nullable<DataBuffer>

    underlying native buffer

getDataSearch playground for getData

  • Gets current buffer's data

    Returns Nullable<DataArray>

    a DataArray or null

getStrideSizeSearch playground for getStrideSize

  • getStrideSize(): number
  • Gets the stride in float32 units (i.e. byte stride / 4). May not be an integer if the byte stride is not divisible by 4.


    Please use byteStride instead.

    Returns number

    the stride in float32 units

isUpdatableSearch playground for isUpdatable

  • isUpdatable(): boolean
  • Gets a boolean indicating if the Buffer is updatable?

    Returns boolean

    true if the buffer is updatable

updateSearch playground for update

  • Update current buffer data


    Returns void

updateDirectlySearch playground for updateDirectly

  • updateDirectly(data: DataArray, offset: number, vertexCount?: number, useBytes?: boolean): void
  • Updates the data directly.


    • data: DataArray

      the new data

    • offset: number

      the new offset

    • Optional vertexCount: number

      the vertex count (optional)

    • Optional useBytes: boolean

      set to true if the offset is in bytes

    Returns void


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